What is Domain Authority?

What is Domain Authority

What is Domain Authority

Domain authority refers to a websites relevance to a particular industry and directly effects the website’s performance in search engine results.

The 1-100 search engine score was developed by Moz to provide an accurate rating of a website’s performance by analyzing PageRank, Google’s proprietary algorithm.

Typically, DA is determined by the number of links to a domain as well as the authority of the pages linking to it.

For instance, websites with .edu domains usually have more authority than .com or .net domains, so a link to your website from a .edu is incredibly valuable.

By understanding DA metrics, you are able to increase the amount of trust search engines give your domain and improve your organic traffic.   

Domain Authority Calculations

Domain Authority assigns a website a set of numerical values on a logarithmic scale of 1-100. This means it is easier for a web page ranking to move from 80 to 90 than 20 to 30.

A website with the higher ranking is considered more authoritative compared to those with lower ranks.

Domain Authority is determined based off of more than 40 individual benchmarks traced and calculated by Moz. Most important metrics include:

  • MozRank: Refers to a measure of a website’s aggregate popularity by counting both the number and quality of websites linking to it.
  • MozTrust: The trustworthiness of websites linking to the page. If a web page is linked to highly trustworthy sites such as established companies, universities, or verified government pages, it will receive a higher MozTrust rank. 
  • Link Profile: Link profiling analyzes both internal and external links of a website. A web page linked to more authoritative sources will have a higher link profile. The link profile plays a crucial role in the average DA metrics.

Domain Authority metrics fluctuate daily, like Google search results.

Therefore, website owners working to improve DA should monitor it regularly to improve SEO ranking.

Domain Authority Challenges

Domain Authority cannot be easily influenced directly, presenting a challenge to those working to improve their websites DA.

This is because DA encompasses several parameters discussed above (MozRank, MozTrust, and Link Profile, among others).

Such metrics dramatically affect the overall ranking of website and function to approximate how competitive a website is in the Search Engines.


While DA can be used to predict website ranking, it’s not an absolute measure of a website’s search engine standing.

Nonetheless, it’s a useful directional tool to monitor and analyze overall SEO progress.

For website owners, DA can be used to monitor rankings and identify areas to improve.

An effective way to improve DA is to implement best SEO practices related to domain authority.

These include anchor text relevance, creating relevant content, internal/external linking, and developing an effective link building strategy.


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